Project MISSION:
​Charon Tap Star proudly invites you, to participate as a sponsor of “Tapping Time” Inspire Week, at Manhattan Place Elementary School, in Los Angeles, California 90047.

Your donation will help inspire students grades K-5, via the rich culture of Tap Dance and live Jazz Music. Tapping Time Inspire Weeks, are week long performing arts presentations, in which each individual classroom will receive a Tapping Time workshop, followed by assembly style presentations of, "Tapping Time" The Show.​

"Tapping Time - The Show" takes students through the history, and various styles of tap dance, featuring some of the world’s best Tap Dancers, and Jazz Musicians, including Grammy award winning Bassist James Leary 3rd, and a special guest appearance from Living Tap Legend and Master Entertainer Ivery Wheeler!

Select students from Manhattan Place Elementary School, will receive scholarships, to study the art of Tap Dance, via an eight week after school program.​

Select participants of the after school program will be invited to, receive additional training in Charon Tap Star’s Tap Star Kids, with the goal of performing in Charon's Tap Star Kids, year end Show in 2017.

To achieve this goal, we need to raise a total of $5,500.

​Join us in our mission to uplift and inspire, youth of underserved communities. Donate to this inspiring community project Now! Thank You for your support. We are making a difference in this moment right now.

Charon's Tap Star Kids, Community Projects! ... INSPIRE!

"Tapping Time" Inspire Week!

Manhattan Place Elementary School

School Testimony

"Tapping Time" INSPIRE WEEK

Presented at Cooley Ranch Elementary School, as Charon's, Arts For Our Children.

About Dancing Dolls A Christmas Story:
Angela Cutie Pie asked for a dancing doll for Christmas. When Santa discovers his little helper elves, packaged a present. that is too big to fit in Angela’s house, they have to take time to, pick the best dancing doll, before Angela wakes up on Christmas morning.

​Features Santa, Celebrity Dancers and Choreographers, The Inspire Campaign’s 5 Star Youth, INSPIRER spokemodels, Charon's "Tap Star Kids", guest performances by local dance studios & companies, as well as original music by Charon Tap Star, and inspiring kids song "Fun with Friends", written & recorded at age 7, by 8 year old music producer STAR REED.

Watch Video Clip from Free Christmas Show.

Dancing Dolls - A Christmas Story

"Angela Cutie Pie Sees Santa"

"Tapping Time" Inspire Week, is a "Charon's Tap Star Kids", community project of Social Good, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your in-kind and monetary donations are Tax-deductible. EIN: 46-1323531